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Skeletons [Polo]

Skeletons [Polo]

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Design by Raf Reyes: skeletons playing polo 🏇a centuries-old sport that has captivated audiences for generations 🐴~ a fast-paced & exciting game, with many ᵥrisks ⚠️— even the most experienced players can suffer from a misstep or a bad judgment (ᵥresulting in a fatal injury)... although these incidents are (very) rare, they serve as a ᵥreminder of the dangers associated with the sport [and the need to respect and protect all animals involved] ~ ladies & gents here's to Ü ⁎♢♤♧* VERYRARE's high-stakes games :: that can be deadly if not undertaken ᵥresponsibly🤪.

Materials: 310gsm cotton (100%) piqué jersey polo, relaxed/boxy fit (for comfort) and bio-washed for softness & durability | | | 15+ digital to analog visuals (prints, embroideries, woven tags...) | | | enamel buttons +++ "Caveman Polo/skeletons" prints @ front and back 🃏| Reaper + bloodstain-shaped "angioma" undereye + VERYRARE logo embroideries (normal & chenille [mix])(front/back) | | | 100% wool ribbing @ neck | | | reinforced stitching @ armpits, tonal stitching all throughout🧶.




• Even though the garment may differ from the model below, well it’s the same sizing (as in, we’re using the same size chart for both).

• True size/slightly oversiz'd recommended.

• Unisex garment.

• Machine wash cold. Do not machine dry.


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